AquaTRUCK Poly Boats

STRONG – The all High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) extrusion welded material is exceptionally strong.  It is not affected by saltwater, oil or fuel.  It won’t rot, rust or be attacked by marine organisms.  The all black material has UV resistance to give a lifetime of 50 years.

SAFE – With foam filled pontoons, a parent material that is lighter than water and numerous bulkheads, the AquaTRUCK is virtually unsinkable. The hulls are very manoeuvrable and offor a soft, quiet and dry ride.

STABLE – these vessels over stability second to none of their dimensions.

SMOOTH – The plastic does have a slight flex to it offering a very smooth ride free from the back jarring rides offered with other materials.
Possible AquaTRUCK applications:

  • Marine Farm workboats
  • Sea Rescue
  • Survey Work
  • Diving – commercial and recreational
  • Fishing boat tenders
  • Food Relief
  • Emergency work
  • Police Search and Rescue
  • Recreational fishing
  • River Clean up
  • Defence Forces
  • Harbour maintenance
  • Pilot
  • Tug/Tow
  • Line Hauling
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