Floats and Boundary markers

A variety of Boundary markers are rotomolded to meet Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) requirements, these can be adapted to meet other regulatory needs if required. Markers can be supplied with solar powered lights and are designed for a single mooring point installation, with minimal maintenance.


Rotomolded floats are available in a variety of sizes and shapes for Shellfish and Finfish farmers.  Some of the more common floats are:

  • 140 and 250 litre mussel floats
  • 600 litre mooring floats
  • 1200 litre mooring floats
  • 1500 litre mooring floats
  • Oyster Floats
  • Custom floats for feed hoppers up to 4 tonne floatation
  • 12 inch plastic floats (can also be filled with steel shot/concrete for weights)
  • Marine Construction Floats Jetty Floats
  • Styro Floats
  • Poly Floats
  • Poly Buoys
  • Boat Mooring Buoys
  • Boat Fenders
  • Net Floats
  • Corner Markers
  • Lease Markers
  • Cigar Buoys
  • St Andrews Crosses


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