Mooring Systems

Plastic Fabrications can design, supply and install your mooring system. This can be done using your staff so that they have knowledge of the system or your local contractors can be used with Plastic Fabrications coordinating and overseeing the installation. Plastic Fabrications has a preference towards grid type systems using concrete blocks in series as moorings, anchors can be sourced if preferred by the customer.



Plastic Fabrications can supply all your mooring needs, including:

  • Extensive Range of high quality fibre ropes
  • All sizes and types of Shackles
  • All sizes and types of Chain
  • Fibre rope thimbles, including semi-enclosed thimbles in all sizes
  • Grid Plates for Grid Systems
  • Concrete Mooring Blocks – commonly 3 or 5 tonne wedge type blocks
  • Site specific design to NS9415 available